Thursday, April 27, 2006

Supreme Court beckons!

As the title suggests, yours truly landed up in the Supreme Court on Monday morning!! Being every vakil’s dream to be there one day, I was quite naturally thrilled at the prospect!

However, the journey began with yours truly putting up a rather grumpy face! Of course, anyone would do that if woken up at 4am on a Sunday morning and bundled into a flight scheduled to leave at 6.40am. The grumpiness worsened when the flight was delayed by another 20 minutes after we had boarded it. Landed in Delhi around 9.30am and went straight to the Supreme Court Advocates’ Chambers to meet another lawyer and brief him about the case. Checked into Maurya Sheraton (oh yea!!) in the afternoon. Since you have raised your eyebrows, I must tell you that I have quite a few things to say about Maurya Sheraton (which warrants a separate blog post!), but to put it in a nutshell, it sucks and the “service” or whatever they call service is pathetic!

Reached the Supreme Court around 10am and had my first good look at it. Must have been staring at the building wide-eyed like a five year old staring at anything for the first time, as I was given the looks by the regulars! Nevertheless, I stared and stared until my colleague in Delhi literally attached himself to my gown and dragged me inside! Inside the court corridors it was the usual throng of advocates standing and gossiping. The only difference is that everyone was walking at a fairly leisurely place, the electronic display boards showing the case number which was being heard in each court hall, so very much different from the Madras High Court where we run from one court to another as if our whole life depended on it! But the court halls in the Supreme Court were rather small when compared to the ones in Madras.

We waited and waited and finally our case was called around 2.45pm. The hearing lasted for a period of about 45 seconds and the case was adjourned to next month. Felt really disappointed at that point. To say that it turned out to be a damp squib would be an understatement. Anyways, being a vakil, the last thing that I should be upset about is an adjournment. All in the game…..

I can also now go around saying that I have “appeared” before Supreme Court!! It’s a different story that my appearance before the court went without any notice. But who cares :-)

On a totally unconnected issue, Delhi was so hot like a boiling cauldron. The next time someone from Delhi complains to me about the heat in Madras, he’s going to get the whacking of his life from me!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

An evening at Mocha!

Having been given the looks by all and sundry when told that I had not been to Mocha (on Khader Nawaz Khan Road), I decided to check out the place last evening with a couple of friends. To start with the place was overflowing and the crowd comprised almost exclusively of kids (yea, that’s what they were…!!). A closer scrutiny of the dress sense of the guys indicated that I was quite out of sync with the current trends! Cargo trousers/shorts with a round neck tee, with a rudraksh mala and a baseball cap (worn reversed like Lleyton Hewitt) seemed to be the fashion for the guys!! And there was another one who wore a shirt which was a few sizes too small for him with half sleeves folded up even further. In fact, I was actually tempted to ask him if he had worn it when he was 10 :) Wiser counsels prevailed though! The intention seems to be to invite attention to the well toned muscles!! Reminded me of the times when some of my friends have poked fun at blokes from the country side wearing white veshti and shirt with the sleeves rolled up!! It appears that times have changed and what Mr.Muscles was wearing is the “in-thing”, considering the swarm of pretty young things around him! Another thing that one noticed is that use of the terms, machan and machi seems to be passé and its just dude and dudette these days!! As for the girls, suffice it to say that at the top, the necklines are plunging and at the bottom, the hemlines are rising!!

Moving inside Mocha, one is engulfed in a pall of smoke and is greeted by the sight of these kids in various states of trance (or feigning to be there)! The Hookah (or Sheesha, as they call it!) appears to be a big hit with the crowd. Many of the kids, who looked quite definitely under age to me, were enjoying a drag (The menu, however, claims that the sheesha is permitted only for those over 18!). One girl in particular seemed to be getting on quite a high, making me wonder if the hookah was merely a fruit flavoured one (as claimed) or something more than that!! Nevertheless, having taken in these “sights” and not wanting my lungs to give up on me, we beat a hasty retreat to the non-smoking section.

Inside, it is furnished like a scene from Arabian Nights. But the music that is played and the ambience don’t actually go well together. The service isn’t great either. The girl who served us was the most inept. Worst still she was wearing an apron one size too big and looked poised to trip over any moment and the cap she wore didn’t help either as it kept covering her eyes. May be she could have taken the lead from the dude outside and worn the cap like Lleyton Hewitt :) All said and done, she did have a great smile and certainly dished it out quite a bit!!

The tables, chairs and most things inside are up for sale and I must say they are quite pricey! One wonders, if we sat there for too long, they would have stuck a price tag on us as well :)

It was a rather amusing and entertaining evening nevertheless, one which was made enjoyable by my friends who kept up a non-stop banter. And most importantly, I did manage to remove the black-mark from my CV – that I had not been to Mocha, the most happening place in town :)

P.S: I tend to pay too much attention to detail and this ramble was probably due to that fault of mine!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fool!!

It’s been promises galore these past few days. Well, what else could one expect when you have elections just round the corner? Let’s see, what are the things which are being promised to us this time!

  • Jobs for 5 lakh youths in the IT sector over the next 5 years [usually jobs alone are promised but this time even the industry has been promised…..shows how much we have grown in IT under the able leadership of Amma!!]
  • Rice @ Rs.2 per kg on ration cards and free gas stove to all poor women [this is the time-tested one!!]
  • Free colour TV for every family “for women’s recreation and general knowledge” [as if we have the most educative TV channels around!]
  • Waiver of all cooperative loans to farmers [just to show we care for the rural masses!]
  • Free electricity to weavers in addition to farmers [we are in the process of widening our electoral base!]
  • Monthly financial assistance upto Rs.300 to unemployed youth [I know quite a few people who are unemployed and around 50. would they qualify as “youth”?]
  • Establishing a ‘State Cable Corporation’ to put an end to monopoly in the cable network [but will they refund the cost of my set-top box??]

While I was wondering about all this, it was sheer coincidence that this old tamil song was played this morning (All Fools day!) on the radio!!

Yethanai kaalam dhaan yemaatruvaar indha naattiley?

[How long will they cheat in this country?]

The words in this song ring so very true, especially when you read these empty promises being made. While some of us are used to being played pranks on April 1st and being called fools, these politicians do that to us all year round and make us, look and feel like fools!! And yet, we keep electing them!!!